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buy priligy powder The Lutheran Schools is constantly involved in giving our pupils and parents the very best value in basic education. Sporting and physical education activities are essential components for any holistic and modern basic education. It has become imperative that, educational institutions become innovative in maximizing the use of available safe and child-friendly spaces in their schools to meet this requirement.

Tonalá This is exactly another area in which the Lutheran Schools is poised at playing a pioneering role in. Through a strategic partnership with the International Federation of Tchoukball (FITB), the Lutheran Schools has become one of the first /if not the first School to introduce her pupils and parents to the Sport.

As part of the partnership , the Director of International Development at FITB – Julio Calegari himself was present at the Lutheran Schools to train our Physical Education Instructors and Pupils on the game’s tactics, rules and best practices. Prior to his arrival , pupils were also taken through a number of video tutorials on the game. We are glad to say the Sport has gained a remarkable level of interest among the pupils within the few days of introduction, and we intend to support and grow this interest.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools in Ghana remains grateful to Julio Calegari – FITB Director for International Development , and his able local partners, especially Mr. Arthur – a proud Lutheran Schools Parent ; for the privilege , support and presence.

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