May 9, 2018

St. Paul’s Lutheran School hits Accra with another Wave of Innovation


The Lutheran Schools in Ghana are at it again with the introduction of another ‘first’ and unique tool onto Ghana’s educational landscape – The ‘SPLS Mobile App’. SPLS App literally puts the whole school and your child’s education in your palm, allowing you to carry it along everywhere you go in the world.
St. Paul’s Lutheran School Mobile App has been in running on a pilot phase for close to a year now, allowing the school’s management to transform and fine –tune this piece of technology into a robust, user-friendly and highly relevant tool of convenience for all her stakeholders – pupils, teacher, parents and the general public. The official launch of the mobile app on the 9th of May, was part of a series of similar launches at 3 other sister schools under the Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools (Lutheran Schools) – Ghana. Trinity Lutheran School – Tema, St. Peter’s Lutheran School- Madina, Holy Trinity Lutheran School- Kumasi, also had their respective and unique school mobile apps launched on separate dates within the same week. The launch at Kanda was full of excitement and pride for all stakeholders of the school. Experiences on using the SPLS mobile app were shared by parents, teachers and the pupils as well. Pupils treated guests to a sketch that creatively spelt out the many benefits and features of the app, with others also getting the audience to rise to their feet; sing and dance along to melodious tunes themed on the mobile app.
 The Lutheran Schools is well known for her innovative and tech-driven approach to delivering quality education in Ghana, and already runs on one of the most efficient and advanced School Management Software in the world. The introduction of the school specific mobile apps is meant to bring extra convenience to our pupils, teachers and amazingly supportive parents, and also cement our names as the pioneers in bringing to Ghana the revolution and advancements needed in the education sector.
The SPLS App comes at a time in Ghana when mobile-friendly technologies have become a rapidly growing trend worldwide, and an everyday requirement. It is the first of its kind in Ghana and goes to show what length we are prepared and will continue to go when it comes to providing quality education to our pupils and the great experience of true comfort and reliable insights to our supportive parents. The SPLS App has a number of exciting features on its menu and gives every parent, pupil and teacher so much convenience on the go, allowing them to do much more easily and more efficiently right from their comfort zones.
The menu items on the SPLS App provide a number of core functions like, school calendar, pupils’ academic records, class specific time-tables, online store, periodic newsletter issues, reminders that can also be shared, a unique school hot-line, online admissions, class specific syllabus, seamless access to the School Management System, and so much more. The beautiful thing about the App is that we have designed it to remain scalable, allowing us to add more relevant features with time.
Our aim is to continue to give parents in Ghana true convenience and ease in managing their wards education better and more efficiently even with their busy schedules and will continue to lead in the provision of educational technologies like this and many others.
The mobile apps for all the schools are open to the public and free. Kindly visit the Google Play Store or App Store to download the SPLS App for FREE TODAY, it’s for everyone!  You can also simply go to to get direct download links to all our apps.
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