April 25, 2018

Known as our second nature, we have made history once again. This time we did not only make the Lutheran Schools attain another great feet, but also helped in raising the flag of Ghana high in the beautiful district of Gaziemir – Turkey.

Ghana was the only African country who participated in this year’s renowned International Children’s Festival which took place in Izmir Gaziemir Municipality in Turkey. The festival is aimed at bringing children from all over the world together to interact and share insights of their respective cultures and support to promote world peace.

Children from other participating countries like Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, USA, Netherlands, etc, were also present.

Our very own Nadia Issah Banaya from St. Paul’s Lutheran School was among the very few who represented Ghana. We are glad to have our pupils accessing amazing opportunities and exposure like these and are determined to continue creating more of such opportunities for all our pupils across our 5 branches in Ghana.

A big congrats and ‘thank you’ to the CEO of Kaya Tours Ghana Ltd , Mr Abeiku Aggrey Santana who facilitated the trip, and Kaya Tours ground handler  Ms. Beatrice Dwamena for an excellent job done.

Additional notes extracted from a statement from Kaya Tours on the event.

Gaziemir is district of Izmir province in Aegean region of Turkey. The district is a major tourist destination with great heritage sites including the house of Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

  • It is worth discovering that Izmir is the land where religions melt with unique Handicrafts, Arts and Culture.
  • Izmir is the home of UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The city has been described by tourism pundits as
  • “The city of flavor “
  • “The city of health “
  • “A peaceful modern city”
  • “A multi faith city”
  • The history of Izmir has witnessed an evolving civilization for 8500 years.

Thank You.

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