March 5, 2018

A day to one of Ghana’s most popular national celebrations and the aura of patriotism remains highly visible everywhere one looked. The pupils came to school colourfully dressed up in the national colours of Ghana and with extreme joy, especially knowing the next two days will be a holiday for them.

The morning assembly for the day was a special one with patriotic songs, the national anthem and pledge sung and recited with passion and loudness we have never seen before. Parents who walked in during the assembly also got caught-up in the process, and stopped to observe the singing and recital of the anthem and pledge respectively.

It was a charged atmosphere that presented a great opportunity to take our lovely pupils down memory lane , when their fore-fathers took that bold step to start the struggle and fight for independence. The sessions were led by teachers colourfully clothed in the national colours, and very enthusiastic with the delivery of the tales of our struggle as a nation, and the great victory thereof some 61 years ago.

It has been over 6 decades since this great feet was attained, and this period has seen a mix of good and bad; we have celebrated peace, endured struggles, faced famine, harvested much, elected leaders , imposed with leaders……, however in all this we are grateful to God for His faithfulness and protection. Telling this story to our young ones and correcting all wrongs of the past with conscious efforts is what we need now. We educate a significant number of wonderful children every day, and can confidently say we have a great future endowed with potentials that will amaze you. What we need most is to set the wrongs right,  and continue to give the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow knowledge , courage , a sense of belonging and responsibility and the environment they need to do far better than what has been achieved over the past 60 years.

Thank you and enjoy pictures of how we have already began celebrations in our various schools across the country.

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