March 28, 2018

A Benevolence Inspired By A School And Delivered By A Parent.


St. Paul’s Lutheran School, a member of the elite fraternity of schools under the Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools in Ghana was privileged to a fulfilling moment of kindness from no less a person than one of her cherished parents last week.

As a Lutheran School, St. Paul’s has consistently implemented ways to improve and sustain one of the most thriving and effective school-parent relationship over the period. This has helped in achieving a significant growth in parent involvement when it comes to the education of their children and the awareness creation of parents on happenings, developments and progress being made by the school to ensure they receive true value for the money they invest in their children through the school.

St. Paul’s Lutheran School over the years, just like the other Lutheran Schools under the ELCS (Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools) across the country, has made significant investments into top-rated tech systems and processes over the years. St. Paul’s Lutheran School has earned a reputation of being one of the most innovative and tech-driven schools when it comes to the delivery of basic education in Ghana. It can confidently be said some higher learning institutions are even no match to what St. Paul’s Lutheran School and her sister Lutheran Schools have achieved and adopted in the area of using technology to facilitate effective teaching, learning and stakeholder collaboration in the area of education.

Dominant among the others like the smart canteen system, biometric attendance system and school mobile apps, is the world-class school management system adopted by the school. Privileged as one of the few schools running on this top-notch, financially-demanding and yet equally very relevant system in Africa, is the St. Paul’s Lutheran School.

The benefits and extent of impact the system has on all stakeholders including the pupils, parents, teachers and the school management, are very extensive and highly significant. Consistent awareness creation and training given to our supportive parents on how the system can help them become better and more influential in their child’s education even with a hectic schedule, began to show some amazing response and results over the years. From commendations to insightful feedbacks and more, we remain extremely thankful to the great cooperation of our cherished parents (both old & new) who have played a significant role in making the system as robust as it is today as a result of how it has evolved to serve them better over the years.

To end this brief on our journey so far with all stakeholders when it comes our unmatched school management system, we would like to express our profound gratitude to that special parent we hinted about at the beginning of this article; who donated a set of computers to the Pre-School Department of St. Paul’s Lutheran School. The parent who insists on remaining anonymous, emphasized on his genuine satisfaction of how helpful the School Management System of St. Paul’s Lutheran School has been to him as a parent. During the presentation, he mentioned this was what motivated him to support the Pre-School Department with the computers, as a way of contributing his support and encouraging the teachers and the school as a whole to continue and sustain the culture and efficiency adopted through the usage of the system.

From St. Paul’s Lutheran School and the entire Evangelical Lutheran Church Schools- Ghana (ELCS-G), we say a big ‘thank you’ for your kind gesture and feel extremely encouraged to continue to use and invest more in innovative systems that will give our pupils and dear parents convenience that creates results.

 Thank you!


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