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Webmail Guide for Staff

Setting up

Access your webmail

To be able to use webmail, you need an email account. Create your account in the Control Panel.

Access webmail from the browser on your computer or mobile device.

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Click Webmail
Log on to webmail from
  1. Enter your email and password
  2. Click Log in
Enter email and password to access webmail.

Webmail supports desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 10 and newer. In addition, webmail supports mobile devices; iOS 6 and above, Android version 4 and above and Windows Phone 7 and above.

Supported browsers in webmail.

Send and receive emails

  1. Click Write Mail
  2. Start to type in a name in the field To: .
    Webmail will automatically search for email addresses from Contacts or from past mails, you sent. If you are sending a message to a new person, type in their full email address.
  3. Enter a subject.
  4. Add content to your email.
  5. When you are done, click Send.

Tip: If you want to add images in Webmail, just drag the images from your computer to where you want to place them in your message. Resize an image, by dragging its corners, after adding it to your message.

Write emails in webmail.

Delete messages

To delete emails, select the emails you want to delete, and click the delete icon.

  1. Select the emails you want to delete
  2. Click the delete icon.

You can select several emails at a time by using the select function.

Delete selected mail in webmail.

To search for subjects or senders in a specific folder, just enter what you are looking for in the search field, and press enter.

Search in webmail.

Add a star to messages

You can add a star to messages that you want to track or follow up on later.

Add star to messages in webmail.

Access webmail on your smartphone or tablet

You can access webmail on your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Go to our website,
  2. Click Webmail
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Click Log in
Overview of emails in webmail on mobile.

Plan with webmail’s built-in calendar

To access your calendar:

  1. Open your webmail.
  2. Click Calendar in the top menu.
Using calendar in webmail.

Add a signature to your emails

Add a default signature to your emails, to make sure all your emails end with a proper greeting.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click General
  3. Enter your signature in Attach this signature
  4. Click Save
Add signature to emails sent from webmail.

Organize your emails with filters & folders

Filters and folders makes it easy to organize your emails in Webmail. Just drag a message to the folder where you want to place it.

To add a new folder:

  1. Select a view where the side bar is expanded
  2. Click the plus (+) icon under Folders
  3. A new folder is automatically created
  4. Enter a name for the folder
  5. Hit Enter
Manage folders in webmail.

Let webmail filter your emails for you. Webmail’s filters can automatically put your emails in folders, mark them as read or add a star to them.

To add a new filter:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Mail filters
  3. Click Create filters
  4. Add attributes the filter should look for
  5. Decide what the filter should do
  6. Click Save
Create filter in webmail.

Collect your contacts in webmail

Webmail stores your contacts alphabetically so you can get quick access to them when writing emails.

To add a new contact:

  1. Click Contacts
  2. Click New contact
  3. Enter the info for the new contact
  4. Click Save
Add contacts in webmail.

Change the display name and reply-to address

Your display name and reply-to address can be updated once you are logged in.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click General
  3. Enter the name that should appear as sender in Displayed name
  4. Enter the address that should be replied to in Reply-to Address
  5. Click Save
Change display name in webmail.

Change the language of your webmail

Webmail supports 10 different languages, and you can easily switch between them.

  1. Find the language settings in the upper right corner
  2. Click the current language
  3. Select the preferred language in the drop-down menu
  4. And you’re done!
Change language in webmail.

 Gmail on Android